We decided to head out for a little family fun today. I highly recommend the Edgewater Celtic Harvest Festival to those in the area with small kids. It was really, really low key and fun. And the only thing we paid for was $1/person for the sword play.

This kid was mean. I had to intervene and tell him to stop jabbing Henry in the crotch. 
Not sure where his parents were!
My leprechaun!

Watching hurling. Or some other Irish ball and stick sport. I told you it was a chill festival.
Kids playing bagpipes and drums. Very cool.

Cutest baby ever.

So we were watching a puppet show which, honestly, I was a little bored with. In another area they had started up a little Irish weapon demo and I suggested Henry might prefer to watch that. I should have known better. He was way into the puppet show. Here he is, balloon sword drawn, ready to face the evil Nick-a-Brick. He moved behind his daddy before a bit of protection before drawing his sword.

They had a lovely little arts and crafts area where Helen enjoyed painting 
blarney stones and popsicle sticks.

Here’s part of the weapon demonstration. We were able to catch the end of it.
Henry and Ryan are currently in the back yard running at each other with swords and shouting “huzzah!” We’ll definitely be going back next year!


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