There’s food growing in my yard!!!!

My husband has done an amazing job with our garden. My primary role has been as cheer leader, admirer, and, occasionally, nagging know-it-all (you know, because I read a book on gardening). I’ve put a few seeds in the boxes, but really, he deserves all of the credit for the fact that there’s food growing in our yard!!!!

This is a new and exciting experience for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here are my tomato and pepper seedlings I started indoors several weeks ago. I’m skeptical they’ll produce any fruit, but truth be told, I was amazed they even sprouted.

I love this perfect square foot of radishes. It makes me very happy. If only I liked radishes.

This is chard we planted last year that survived the winter under a bed of dry leaves. I’ve been harvesting it for my breakfast omelets. There’s something so satisfying about picking your breakfast from your garden in the morning!

We’re big fans of greens around here so we’ve also got mustard greens, spinach and mixed baby lettuce.

It’s not coming in quite as gloriously as what we planted in the boxes, but I love the beans, corn and sunflowers sprouting in our “stump garden.” 

Finally, I must admit that I gave my husband a hard time about the money he spent on fruit trees. But there are PEARS AND APPLES growing in my yard! I had no idea what a thrill that would give me!!!
In case anyone is wondering about the one book I read that made me an expert on gardening, it’s called Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. He also has a great web site.
And in case anyone is wondering how I came to choose that one book from the thousands available, my dear friend and garden goddess Clea Danaan recommended it. Clea is much more “Zen” in her approach to gardening. If you prefer a more spiritual approach to gardening (as opposed to an approach designed by an engineer!), check out Clea’s web site and books.

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  1. it all looks awesome. I am green with envy 🙂

  2. My, What a beautiful garden! This will make a feast fit for a king!!!!

  3. It looks great! Especially the pears and apples… I'm not a radish fan either 🙂

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