How does my garden grow?

We’re enjoying a wet week here. I’m gazing at my garden from my beautiful sunroom as the rain pours down outside – and my kids pour water from the sink in the kitchen.

We are all up late last night because we hosted book club, and so I’ve decided we’ll just stay home and be today. The house is a mess but my kids are happy and I feel peaceful and cozy in my little house.

I’m new to gardening and I’m learning from my little garden. For example, I had no idea that tulips open during the day and close up again at night. I cut a few blooms to put in a vase on my kitchen counter and they were full and beautiful when I put them in the water. When I woke up this morning they were prim and proper. Who knew?

I also did not know that dandelions, when left to their own devices, grow tall! Now that I think about it, I know I’ve seen tall dandelions that have gone to seed, but I’ve never before noticed a patch of tall dandelions growing in a garden as if they belonged there. And I think they’re beautiful. I love the contrast of the yellow with the red of my tulips. So pretty.

All of this rain should be good for the garden. I’m hoping to see some more pea sprouts and maybe some beets. I didn’t have much luck with beets last year, and I’m holding my breath for this year.

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