I’m in that stage of pregnancy where I can pretty much choose to look pregnant or not. It depends a lot on what I’m wearing, how I’m standing and how well you know what I look like when I’m not pregnant. There’s no way I could hide it from close friends and family members, but I’m not “showing” enough for a stranger (at least a smart one) to risk asking when I’m “due.”

Yesterday I was enjoying a beautiful morning sitting under a tree with a neighbor while our kids ran around. She commented that I “look great,” that I’m still “so thin,” and that you can’t tell I’m pregnant at all. I appreciated the flattery, of course. Not 10 minutes later, I met another neighbor in her backyard where she asked me, “Did you pop this soon with #2 or is it because this is your third?”

Ah, well. As the saying goes, “flattery is the food of fools!”


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