So little Thomas has made his arrival and I have tons and tons and tons I want to write about. All in good time. I keep thinking about how things are different the third time around. And how much easier it all is in so many ways.

My brother is getting ready to have his first baby, and I keep thinking of things I want to share with him to help make his first time easier than mine was. Of course, I don’t want to sound like the obnoxious know-it-all mom. I know I still have a ton to learn. But there are things I know now that I didn’t know the first time that are making things a bit easier and more fun.

Tonight, I just wanted to share one little tidbit that makes having a newborn more interesting.

Did you know that babies can control their tongues from birth? And that they will try to imitate you if you stick your tongue out at them? Give it a try. When your baby  is in a state of “quiet alertness” – that means he’s awake and wide-eyed and still – look him in the eye, and slowly slowly stick your tongue out at him. And then wait. See what happens. Chances are you’ll see his little tongue poke out of his mouth. You just had your first two-way conversation with your baby!

My mama always told us that sticking your tongue out at someone means “I love you.” In this case, she was right!


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