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So, my sweet 2-year-old daughter is starting down the potty learning path. It’s going fairly smoothly as I’m pretty laid back about it – and we have hardwood floors. Going through this again though made me think of when my son learned to use the potty a few years ago. We did not have hardwood floors then. So for your amusement, a post I made to my “mommy’s board” on June 24, 2008:

Carpet Cleaning and Potty Training
Here are a few tips for those of you who haven’t ventured down the potty training road yet.
  1. Think real hard about whether you really want to go down this road. Changing poopy diapers really isn’t nearly as bad as cleaning poopy carpet. Really.
  2. If you’re thinking of having your carpets cleaned, you might want to consider waiting until potty training is finished. Unless you want to pay to have them cleaned twice.
  3.  Try to drill it into your kid’s head that s/he cannot hide poop on the carpet by standing on it.
  4. If you don’t already have one, you may want to invest in a wet/dry vac. Having a hubby who used to clean carpets professionally is a huge help too.
  5. Now would be a good time to consider putting in hardwood floors.
And now a few of Murphy’s Laws of Potty Training
  1. The first really major poop accident will happen approximately 2 days after you spend hundreds of dollars to have your carpet cleaned.
  2. If you have a baby that won’t nap on her own, the afternoon she decides to take a nice long nap will be the same afternoon your toddler decides to poop on the carpet, stand in it, and walk through the house to find you. So instead of sipping lemonade on the back porch, you will spend baby’s nap time scrubbing poop out of your son’s toenails and cleaning the carpet. Better than cleaning up poop while listening to a baby scream I suppose. . .


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