We’ve decided to jump on the GF/CF bandwagon and see if we notice any discernible positive change from the diet. I’m hoping mostly for positive behavioral changes. I have some indication that my boys are addicted to wheat and dairy – they have very limited diets composed primarily of milk and bread. My oldest in particular. My pediatrician doesn’t seem too concerned that Henry lives on hamburgers, milk, and apples (“it covers all 4 food groups!”), but I actually believe nutrition is important. I’ve heard that once you get through the initial withdrawl, these picky eaters often expand their repertoire quite a bit.

So not only do we have GF/CF challenge, we have a very picky eater challenge. I’ve planned out a full week of meals and snacks based on Henry’s favorite foods that are naturally (or with minor tweaking) GF/CF. I don’t want to do a bunch of highly processed gluten free foods. But I don’t want them to feel deprived either, so I’m allowing more “junk” than I might normally (i.e. potato chips, dairy free ice cream, etc.).

Ideally I will keep a record here of how my family receives these meals and whether I notice any changes in behaviors.

So today we ate:

Henry just ate sausage. The other kids also had hashbrowns with mustard.

Okay, this is sad, but they just jumped me when I got in from the grocery store and ate what looked good. It was past lunch time, so I just let it go.
Chocolate Chex Cereal with soy milk
Potato Chips

Meatloaf (with almond flour and coconut flour in place of bread crumbs)
Sweet potato fries
GF Ketchup (is all ketchup GF? I don’t know, but I bought some marked GF just to make sure.)
Steamed broccoli
Orange Juice (calcium fortified)

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  • Our picky eater has a gluten and dairy intolerance, and once we removed milk her eating opened right up. Removing gluten was harder, but she is so much happier and healthier. Stick with it! Maybe you won't have to do it forever, but personally I think it's a great way to get off the Standard American Diet (mostly pasta bread chips etc.) and onto more nutritious foods. 🙂

  • Thanks for the encouragement! Did your daughter resist the change? Or show any obvious signs of withdrawl?


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