I guess I’m officially a homeschooler. I’ve always considered myself a homeschooler, but now that my son is officially of kindergarten age, it feels more official. People are going to start noticing he’s not in school, even though he “should be.”

We are enrolled in a homeschool enrichment program through the local school district. It’s a neat program that meets one day a week and offers some of those enrichment activities that can be difficult or inconvenient to offer at home (group games in gym class, big messy art projects, dissection, etc.). It also offers a great community of homeschooling families for friendship and support. I’m really looking forward to it.

One of the really great benefits of the program is access to free curriculum, and I just got our supplies today. If I were to buy everything I just got for free, I’d have to spend over $600. So this is a really great perk. Each family is allowed to check out one product per subject per child/grade.

So what’s in our package?

Sing, Spell, Read and Write
This looks like a really fun way to learn to read. It came with a ton of little readers and kids keep track of their progress by moving a little race car around a race track. I think DS will find this motivating. I’m excited about the music CD (he’s a very auditory learner) and the games. We got it out and looked at it today and he’s excited about it being special time with mommy while little sister naps.

I don’t know much about this except that the mom I talked to at the curriculum affair kept going on and on and about how clearly and easily it teaches basic math concepts. She had been using the Saxon program and then switched to Math-U-See and couldn’t believe how well everything clicked for her kids after that. I like that it’s hands on.

Power Glide Children’s Spanish
This teaches Spanish through an action and adventure story. It’s a very auditory program and I think DS is going to love it.

Artistic Pursuits
I actually wasn’t sure about getting an art curriculum, but since it was free, I figured it didn’t hurt to check it out. I liked this one because it comes with prints of famous pieces and teaches art appreciation and isn’t just a “how to draw” course. I figured even if DS hates it, I might learn something from it.

I didn’t get a social studies or science curriculum because, frankly, what was available was totally lame. We do a lot of science through our homeschool preschool co-op and, when I looked at the available text books, I realized that what we’ve been doing is at at least a 3rd grade level. So we’re good there! As for social studies, I feel like DS is getting plenty of that through just our natural living – particularly what is considered kindergarten-level social studies.

I should mention here that I’ve been really hesitant about using curriculum at all. I certainly don’t think it’s necessary. But if we can keep it fun, I think it’s a great way to provide some structure to our days and offer activities that DS and I can do together that we (hopefully) will both enjoy. DS seems excited about the idea of learning to read and write and do math. So I’m excited too!

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  • Kids can learn so much without curriculum, but when you're dealing with a couple of "littles" in addition to your student, it's so nice to have something you can just pull out and do at a moment's notice, vs. having to come up with learning activities all on your own.We're using Math-U-See and LOVE it. I think I am going to learn and understand math in a new way myself as a result! I remember being taught how to do math without understanding WHY to do math, and math never made sense to me.


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