One of the articles in this month’s Colorado Parent magazine is a 7 Day Challenge to Show Show your Child More Love. It offers 7 ideas for for showing your child just a little extra love. For example, one day you’re supposed to do one of your child’s chores for her. Just because you love her. Another day, you’re supposed to focus on responding immediately to his requests for your attention, as opposed to, say, shouting “just a minute I’m trying to finish this blog post!”

I love this! I feel like so much of the parenting advice I come across is focused on controlling children rather than on recognizing them as actual little people that we are living in relationship with. I love to see articles that say, you know what, it’s okay to be a softy sometimes. It’s okay to bend the rules or do something nice for your kid without trying to teach them any other lesson than “I think you’re an amazing human being, I’m glad you’re in my life, and I love you!”

So I thought it would be fun, for the month of February, to take a minute each day to think about an extra little way to show our children we love them that day. If you “Like” Razzbelly on Facebook, I’ll offer an idea there each day. And I’d love to have you share your own ideas and how you executed your love challenge for the day.

So who’s in?


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